Important Kingdoms Game Mode Tutorial


Staff member
Mar 23, 2019

The Kingdoms game mode is a unique game mode all in its own but shares many similarities with the Factions and Towny game modes.
With it being unique there are many aspects that must be reviewed for new players to get the full Kingdoms experience.


Anyone can create a Kingdoms and like Factions, you can set name, descriptions, and many more things about your Kingdom! Once you have founded or
joined a Kingdom the King of the Kingdom can use the command /k nexus to set your nexus which is the mother nest of your kingdom. Here you can find the shops,
upgrades, resource point converter, set permissions, and so much more.

Helpful Commands:
/k info - More in-depth documentation on the kingdoms game mode all in-game.
/k invite - Invite a specific player to your kingdom.
/k invade - Invade the kingdoms chunk you're currently standing in for 2000 RP.
/k c [p,a,k] - Changes your chat to either p - public, a - ally, or k - kingdom.
/k map - Shows a map of nearby kingdoms chunk claims.
/k promote - Promote a player in your kingdom with ranks being mod, general, and king.


Each race has its own set of skills in which can be seen in the race gui by doing /race. Your race gains levels by doing various things such as killing mobs, farming, etc. You gain attributes per level and can use them as /attributes. Once your race reaches level 75 you have mastered the race and maybe upgrade to the upgraded version of your race if it is the base race for it in /race upgrades. The premium races can be bought at


Minibosses are randomly spawned around the world of Arringsal and can take the forms of Khor the Stone Talus, Rayth the Nightwalker, or Raum the Forest Menace. They come in different levels such as: C --> Common, R --> Rare, E --> Epic, or L --> Legendary and by killing one you have the chance for it to drop NetherCoins which
can be used in the NetherCoin shop: /ncshop.

This tutorial encompasses the bases of the unique aspect of our server. For any more help and/or questions please ask any staff member!​