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  1. Ender

    Important Apricity Network Rules

    Introduction The official set of rules has been written and involves every rule that we will enforce on our server, website, and discord server! If you have any questions or concerns about the rules or anything else; you can message us on our website or discord server. Apricity Network Rules
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    Important Kingdoms Game Mode Tutorial

    Introduction The Kingdoms game mode is a unique game mode all in its own but shares many similarities with the Factions and Towny game modes. With it being unique there are many aspects that must be reviewed for new players to get the full Kingdoms experience. Kingdoms Anyone can create a...
  3. Ender

    Important Content Creator Requirements and Format

    Apricity Network Content Creators The following application list all the perks and requirements you must fulfill in order to apply! Requirements and Perks Link Content Creator Application Format: 1) What is your name: (Prefered name to be called) 2) What is your discord username: 3) What is...
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    And I am the first reply on the thread!
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    Important Staff Application Format and Requirements

    Welcome to the Apricity Network staff applications! A list of the jobs we are in need of will be listed below. A list of the requirements needed in order to apply will also be listed. If you have any questions and/or concerns about applying to make sure to open a support ticket! Current...
  6. Ender

    Important Website Rules

    ‧ Advertising - No posting links related to other servers (Discord, Hytale servers etc.) or media (Twitter, YouTube, Websites etc.). ‧ Excessive Use of Profanity - Swearing is allowed in moderate amounts, for as long as it isn't used to insult others. ‧ Spamming - Sending similar & same chat...
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    Important The Fallen Kingdoms Game Mode

    Introduction Today we are unveiling the first game mode of our Minecraft server, and what could possibly be the first game mode of our Hytale server. It's called Fallen Kingdoms, and although it shares many similarities with factions, it is completely unique in many ways! Story In a world far...
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    Important Welcome to Apricity Network

    [] Welcome to Apricity Network | Where Adventures Unfold [] What We Are The Apricity Network is a Minecraft Network underway that strives to bring the best out of Minecraft. After we learn more about the...