Important Apricity Network Rules
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The official set of rules has been written and involves every rule that we
will enforce on our server, website, and discord server! If you have any questions or concerns about the rules or anything else; you can message us
on our website or discord server.

Apricity Network Rules
Important Kingdoms Game Mode Tutorial
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The Kingdoms game mode is a unique game mode all in its own but shares many similarities with the Factions and Towny game modes.
With it being unique there are many aspects that must be reviewed for new players to get the full Kingdoms experience.


Anyone can create a Kingdoms and like Factions, you can set name, descriptions, and many more things about your Kingdom! Once you have founded or
joined a Kingdom the King of the Kingdom can use the command /k nexus to set your nexus which is the mother nest of your kingdom. Here you can find the shops,
upgrades, resource point converter, set permissions, and...​
Important The Fallen Kingdoms Game Mode
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Today we are unveiling the first game mode of our Minecraft server, and what could possibly be the first game mode of our Hytale server. It's called Fallen Kingdoms, and although it shares many similarities with factions, it is completely unique in many ways!

In a world far from earth, mythical forces of all kinds attacked and the seven great continents fell. In a desperate attempt, the people band together into many kingdoms to survive their wicked foes. These kingdoms must grow, make alliances, and defeat those who threaten...​

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